Louis-Gabriel Pothier was born in a suburb of Montreal in 1981. His interest in music showed at a very young age when he found mom and dad’s record collection. He first discovered pop artists such as The Beatles and Michael Jackson, but quite soon found himself sinking into the deep melancholia of Michel Berger‘s Starmania. In his teens, he found a true passion in cinema, and fell in love with many soundtracks from such composers as Philip Glass, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, and European composers Pierre Bachelet, Francis Lai, Goblin and Stelvio Cipriani. He particularly liked melancholic tunes, sad piano themes and orchestral scores from 70s European cinema.


One day, young Louis-Gabriel found out he could play a song he knew only by ear on her aunt’s casio keyboard. He was stunned. He was 9 when he received his own keyboard, his first “piano” ever. As soon as the synth was turned on, he started playing his favorite songs, and after a while, he began composing short instrumental pieces. In his late teens, he learned the basics of multi-track recording and composed themes for school projects. He majored in the television field in 2001 and got a job in a film and documentaries production company as a Titles and Rolling Credits Designer.


Over the years, at a slow pace, Louis-Gabriel composed and recorded instrumental piano pieces until he gathered enough to form his debut album, Piano B, released in the fall of 2013.